How do I become a verified user on Soltype?
As a verified user on Soltype, you will:
  • Receive a verified creator badge and stand out amongst other users
  • Have a special say in the features Soltype implements going forward
Many of Soltype’s verified users have actively participated in Soltype’s community and supported us from the start (we love you!).
There is only one way to become a verified user: by purchasing a PROFILE from our artwork NFT collection. All sales from this collection will be used to support the building and progress of Soltype!
You can purchase a PROFILE here.
What is PROFILE? PROFILE is a collection of digital art pieces created by the up-and-coming Italian artist Marco Giacobbe. There are 1,468 unique PROFILEs in the collection. The cost of each PROFILE is 1 SOL. All the money from their sales will be put right back into Soltype to keep building!
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