Storyworlds: How Soltype makes storytelling different
(Coming soon)
We believe the way stories are told and read online could be more exciting, interactive, and immersive - that's why we're building Storyworlds.
On Soltype, there is a world behind every story. Each writer’s unique Storyworld will be open to readers that tip or buy their work. In a Storyworld, readers will be able to engage directly with the written work and the writer, vote on different story elements, and read in a fully immersive format.
We have a lot of things in the works and so much left to uncover. Storyworlds will bring readers closer to the story, the writer, and other readers. We cant wait to reveal what we have in store.
If there are any features you think would improve your reading experience, please head to our Discord server. Then go to our suggestion channel, and post a detailed description of your suggestion! Our team will happily take a look at it :)
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