What can I decide when publishing with Soltype?
Soltype offers unique flexibility in what you can publish and sell. As a writer, you get to decide:
  • The form of text you publish - you can publish any kind of work you want! A single chapter, a poem, an essay, tutorials, a full-length novel…you get the idea - anything goes.
  • The format of your work: choose between PDF, EPUB, or our text processor.
  • Your work’s title, description, category, and cover art (you must own the commercial rights to any cover art you use)
  • Your royalties (See: How secondary royalties work)
  • The licensing of your work (See: What licenses can I choose for my work?)
  • The starting price for your work (See: How do I sell written works on Soltype? )
  • The duration of the auction for your work
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