How do I buy written works on Soltype?
Before purchasing written works on Soltype, ensure you've completed the steps to get started on Soltype. You are free to proceed if you've already completed those steps!
Soltype uses an auction system for the sale and purchase of written works. You set your price, and buyers bid on your piece. Ultimately, the market decides the price!
There are two steps to purchasing written works on Soltype!
Please turn off any ad blockers when using Soltype otherwise, you may encounter technical issues. Soltype works best on Google Chrome.

All works available to be bid upon are listed on the homepage of Soltype's marketplace under the Live Auctions tab.
You can explore the history of bids on a written piece by visiting the piece's info section. Make sure to be the highest bidder by the time the bid is about to end!
Watch our guided video tutorial or follow our written tutorial, which can be found directly below the video!
Click on the written work you would like to bid upon and select Place Bid.
You will be told the minimum amount that you must bid. Once you enter the amount, click through on Place Bid.
Remain on the page until the bid is complete and approve the pop-up from your Phantom wallet.
Once you see the success message, your bid has been placed successfully.

Once the bidding period closes, you can see if you won the auction. If you did, you must claim your winnings. To do so, go to your profile under the tab “Bids” and see which auctions you have participated in.
If you are the winner of a bid, you will be able to click on a “Claim NFT” button.
After doing that and approving the transaction on the Phantom wallet popup, you will have your new NFT in your wallet and the collected tab on your profile.
Similarly, if you lost the bid, you will have to click “Claim money back” in order to get your money back into your wallet.
This may sound odd, but for now, this is the security standard on the blockchain, created to protect you. So bear with us and these security measures :)
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