How do I publish on Soltype?
So you've decided you want to experiment with a new form of publishing…amazing! We're so happy to have you here and can't wait to support you on this journey. We promise to ditch the tech talk and make this as straightforward as possible.
Before starting, ensure you've gone through the steps in: How to get started on Soltype. You are free to proceed if you've already completed those steps!
Please turn off any ad blockers when using Soltype otherwise, you may encounter technical issues. Soltype works best on Google Chrome.
Watch our guided video tutorial or follow our written tutorial, which can be found directly below the video!

Step 1: Prepare your work.

Make sure your written work is in a PDF or E-Pub format. You are also free to insert your written work directly into Soltype's text processor.
When deciding what format you want your work to be in, you're choosing how your work will look on Soltype. Here's an example of each format:
Once your work is published with Soltype, it cannot be changed (unless you upload a new version)! No pressure ;)

Step 2: Upload your work.

Now that your work is primed, prepped, and ready, click on "Start writing" at the top right corner. The following will appear:
In addition to uploading your work, you must decide on:
  • A title (max. 32 characters)
  • A cover art (make sure you have the commercial rights to any art you upload - you may also choose one from our default gallery)
  • Description
  • Your royalties (this is the percentage you will receive from every secondary sale of your work. A secondary sale occurs when one of your buyers re-sells your piece to another buyer.)
  • How you want to license your work (You can choose to license your work in two ways on Soltype: Private use/Non-Commercial exploitation and Reproduction/Commercial exploitation. For more information, see: What licenses can I choose for my work?)

Step 3: Publish!

Once you've decided all the details for your written work, click continue, select a category and click publish!
Now the following screen will appear:
Remain on the page while your work is published (this may take a few minutes). Your Phantom wallet will pop up twice, asking you to approve the transaction - make sure you confirm both times. The transaction is a small fee that covers the cost of permanently storing your written work. See: Does it cost anything to use Soltype?).
Wait for publishing to complete.
Once you see the success message displayed, publishing has been completed. Your written work is now available on your Soltype profile and in your Phantom wallet!

Congratulations, your work is now permanent, tradable, and part of a collection of fantastic written works on Soltype! If that isn't cool enough, the value of your work might now grow with your reputation throughout time!

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