What licenses can I choose for my work?

Licenses are permissions given by the copyright holder (i.e., the original writer) for their content. Licenses can be applied to copyrighted material to permit certain uses of the material.
The creator still holds copyright in these cases, but the creator has decided to allow others to use their work.
On Soltype, a written workโ€™s license is permanently attached to the workโ€™s smart contract. This contract follows the written work everywhere it goes.

Each of these licenses provides the buyer/owner of the written work with different usage rights.
Private use/Non-Commercial exploitation
Reproduction/Commercial exploitation
The owner of your work cannot commercially exploit your work. They have the right to re-sell your work in a secondary sale.
The owner of your work cannot modify, edit or create any derivatives of your work.
The owner cannot distribute, republish or duplicate your work.
The owner has the right to publicly display your work as proof of ownership in their NFT collection, and publicly display your work as part of an NFT sale listing.
The owner of your work can commercially exploit your work.
The owner of your work may edit, adapt, and modify your work.
The owner of your work can reproduce, publish, distribute, duplicate and exploit derivative works for any use.
For an extensive overview of what these licenses allow, please take the time to read through them here: Private use/Non-Commercial exploitation license and Reproduction/Commercial exploitation license.

By clicking on the toggle, you will allow the new owner(s) of your NFT to commercially exploit your work under a Reproduction/Commercial exploitation license. If you do not toggle, you will be giving new owner(s) of your NFT a Private use/Non-Commercial exploitation license.
If you have purchased and now own a written work on Soltype, you are legally bound to respect the work's license. You can find out a written work's license in its info section. However, you only retain the rights conferred by the license while you own the work. Once you re-sell the written work, you lose all rights set out by the license.
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What are licenses?
You can choose between two different types of licenses when publishing your work.
You choose which license is attached to your work when you publish