Literary NFTs

What is a Literary NFT?

A Literary NFT is text that is stored on a blockchain and that can be traded and speculated upon.
Unlike other formats where you have to write your text on the NFT image, or where you need to buy the NFT to unlock text that is stored elsewhere off-chain, Soltype allows you to mint both your text and image files into a single NFT stored on-chain.


  • Uncensored
  • Incorruptible
  • Unique
  • Tradable
  • Traceable
  • Fair profits for authors
  • Forever royalties on all secondary sales
  • No gatekeeping
  • Permanence of data on-chain
  • Peer to peer value transfer
  • No third party ads
  • Provenance awareness
  • Control of supply

The vast potential of Literary NFTs

When applied to text, NFT technology unlocks incredible opportunities, not only for authors, but for anyone who writes.

Use cases

  • Monetize your knowledge and reputation
    • Do you want to monetize your expertise or influence? Write your Soltype and permanently mark the blockchain with your unique ideas. Then, watch your ideas spread as your audience trades your piece, and profits grow as you collect royalties on all secondary sales.
  • Promote your work
    • Are you at the early stage of your writing career and need to promote your work? Soltype’s built-in incentive model for buyers and tippers of your NFT encourages them to find new tippers, buyers and readers, helping you grow your popularity organically and with minimal effort.
  • Disclose information
    • Publish uncensored and incorruptible works with complete freedom of information. If you wish to disclose information anonymously, you can do so with Soltype
  • Receive community support
    • Connect directly to readers, and open the possibility of receiving fandom promotion, input and financial support.
  • Securely store your work
    • Do you need to sign an agreement and safely store it where it can’t be corrupted, lost or viewed without permission? Upload your documents as Soltypes and ensure their security.
  • Protect your intellectual property
    • Do you want to protect your intellectual property and/or easily sell it? With Soltype you can do that.
  • Issuing certifications
    • Are you an institution that issues official certifications and diplomas? Securely issue incorruptible certifications that can easily be verified and shared.

Current landscape

NFTs are the new foundation of digital ownership. Applied to the literary industry, they provide authors with new opportunities to retain ownership over their revenues, and readers with new opportunities to own and support the literary pieces they love. In the past year, NFTs have demonstrated massive potential for the literary industry. Here are some key moments