Soltype's solution


  • Fair profits for authors
    • Litrary NFT sale
    • Royalties from secondary sales
    • Community tipping
  • Model rewarding promotion
    • Incentive to resell literary NFTs
    • Incentive to tip literary NFTs
  • Open access to all content
    • Social reading experience

A game-changing model

Soltype re-envisions how authors publish, distribute, promote and monetize their creative works in a way that directly connects them to their readers, investors, and fans.
By introducing literary NFTs, Soltype allows for an entirely new set of properties to be integrated into the literary industry. For the first time in history, authors can promote and sell their work in a decentralised and affordable way.
  • Authors decide the price of the piece, the royalty % from secondary sales, an

Soltype ecosystem

Soltype's innovative model rewards users who promote literary NFTs. It turns an authors’ buyers and tippers into a decentralised sales-force that markets their written work.

Rewarding promotion: Re-selling Literary NFTs

  1. 1.
    Author transfers 1 SOL to a promotion pool to list her/his 1/1 literary NFT
  2. 2.
    Buyer 1 purchases author's literary NFT
  3. 3.
    Buyer 1 resells author's literary NFT and earns 50% of the pool as reward
  4. 4.
    Buyer 2 resells author's literary NFT and earns 30% of the pool as reward
  5. 5.
    Buyer 3 resells author's literary NFT and earns 20% of the pool as reward

Rewarding promotion: Tipping Literary NFTs

  • A reader tips a literary NFT of their choice with 0.1 SOL
  • After 100 readers tip the SOL pool of tips is cut
    • 50% of the pool goes to the author of the literary NFT
    • 50% of the pool goes to the first 10 tippers/promoters (they each receive 5% of the total pool)
    By tipping a written work, readers gain access to an exclusive social reading experience in which they can comment, highlight favourite phrases, and connect directly with other fans of the work.
    After 100 tips, author of the literary NFT gets 80% and the current owner gets 20% of incoming tips.
    This model incentivises the first 10 tippers to find 90 readers who will also tip. After 100 tips, the author keeps 100% of all future tips.

Social reading experience

*When tipping and buying a literary NFT
Soltype’s social reading experience providers tippers and buyers with a unique way to interact and read the works they support and love. Comment, highlight favourite phrases and become immersed in the work’s community.
Soltype’s social reading experience will continue to evolve. Tippers and buyers can expect first access to upcoming features that will create a fully immersive reading experience.

What's in it for me?

Soltype aims to make blockchain technology easy to use, accessible, and useful for authors, readers, and investors alike.
  • Decentralised promotion
  • Fast initial sale
  • Money from initial sale
  • Money from secondary sale royalties
  • Money from fan tipping
  • Feedback directly from community
  • Access to a database of relevant buyers, tippers and readers
  • Open access to all written pieces published on Soltype
  • Social reading experience
  • Option to support your favourite authors and access Soltype’s exclusive social reading experience by tipping
  • Earn by selling at a higher price than the price you paid
  • Earn Ambassador badge
  • Access to exclusive social reading experiences (Highlight the phrase of your choice and comment what you want)
  • Connect with like-minded communities
  • First 10
    • Earn SOL rewards when 100 tips occur
  • All
    • Earn Supporter badge
    • Access to exclusive social reading experiences (Highlight the phrase of your choice and comment what you want)
    • Connect with likeminded communities