The life of a written work on Soltype
Our platform will soon be brimming with written works! Our development team is busy adding a few finishing touches. Until then, allow us to take you on the journey of a written work on Soltype.
Before we depart on this journey, we should clarify one thing. The written works on Soltype aren't exactly like those elsewhere. They're a bit different. And that's because they're literary NFTs (and carbon neutral, too!). And while NFT technology is cool, what’s exciting is the features this technology unlocks!
✨ Let’s explore some of these features by going through the life cycle of a written work on Soltype ✨

It all begins when a writer decides to show her beautiful written work to the world. She publishes her work on Soltype and puts it for sale.

A buyer reads the work and, awed by the work's beauty and talent of the writer, decides to purchase the work. The money from that sale is deposited directly into the writer's digital wallet (not a single gatekeeper or middleman in sight!).
The buyer is now the owner of the work and can display it as collected on their Soltype profile. They can also re-sell the work, access the writer's Storyworld (coming soon), and receive a portion of the writer’s tips (coming soon).
When the buyer re-sells the written work to a new buyer, the buyer makes a profit from the re-sale, and the writer collects a secondary royalty (as a %) from the sale.

Buyers and tipping readers can enter a new dimension of stories: Storyworlds (coming soon). In Storyworlds, readers, buyers, and writers join in a social and immersive storytelling experience. Storyworlds are where stories come to life, and readers and writers connect.
More will be revealed soon…
(Credit: Ellie Skrzat)
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