✨Welcome to Soltype

At Soltype, we are rewriting how stories are told, shared, and experienced.

Stories shape our world - they can sparkle our sense of wonder and enlighten our inner worlds ✨

With the rise of the digital age and blockchain technology, a new and exciting realm is opening for our interaction with storytelling.

For the first time in history we can collect unique digital books, read them, and sell them back in the secondary market.

The way we experience stories is flourishing with blockchain technology.

With Soltype, you can support your favourite authors by collecting, unlocking and reading their masterpieces. When holding an eBook published by Soltype, you have the right to form part of the author's gated community, and have a say in the future of the story you hold.

You can as well sell the works you have collected in the secondary marketplace (i.e. Magic Eden), increasing the lifespan of your digital items, and potentially earning a revenue in the process.

Own and fund the stories you love ❤️

Join us on this journey to together continue shaping the future of storytelling 🚀

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