Can I sell a written work from Soltype on another marketplace?
This question has a lot of implications ;)
The short answer is yes, you can (so long as that marketplace is built on the Solana blockchain) - but you benefit more by keeping it on Soltype.

  • Coming soon, a buyer will receive a % of the writer’s tips (larger readership = more tips = more $ for the buyer).
  • Coming soon, the first three buyers will receive a financial bonus for successfully re-selling the work.

By re-selling on Soltype, you will also support Soltype's efforts to create a fair creator economy. Writers pour their heart and soul into their writing, and we believe this merits payment on every sale of their work. Re-selling on Soltype ensures that the original writer continues to receive their royalties on every re-sale of their work.
As NFT technology matures, secondary royalties will become possible regardless of the marketplace. But until then, we encourage you to re-sell only on Soltype!
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Here’s why we recommend re-selling on Soltype: