What benefits does Soltype offer?
Soltype is all about innovation-powered storytelling. When written works are published on Soltype, something magical happens. They are transformed into a digital entity that is unique, permanent, and tradable.
Ok, maybe those three words don’t sound all that magical. But what is, are the benefits that these features allow.
For writers, Soltype provides:
More control and choice
New revenue streams
Storyworlds (coming soon)
Total control over what and when you publish
A hands-free promotion model to find new readers with ease (coming soon)
Choose how you license your work
From buyers that purchase your work
From readers that tip into your work (coming soon)
Secondary royalties
The ability to add an immersive and interactive layer to your written work
The chance to communicate directly with your readers
The chance to build real fandoms through your Storyworld ecosystem
For investors, readers and fans, Soltype provides
Read without barriers
Support your favourite writers
Storyworlds (coming soon)
Open access to all written pieces published on Soltype
Tip or purchase written works and access their Storyworlds (coming soon)
Purchase written works for the opportunity to re-sell them for a profit.
Purchase written works and earn with the growth of a writer's community (passive income, anybody?) (coming soon)
Unlock a hidden world behind every story when you tip or buy
A social reading experience for immersive and interactive storytelling
All these benefits are possible because written works on Soltype are literary NFTs.
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