Why would you purchase an eBook NFT?

With Soltype, literature becomes a new asset, a new investment class. It can be invested in, re-sold, and collected! If that wasnโ€™t cool enough, here are the three main reasons why a buyer would purchase a written work:

  1. To re-sell it for a profit (as you would with any other investment). When you purchase a written work, you can watch for fluctuations in the value of SOL and the growing popularity of the author. You can then re-sell the written work to your and the writerโ€™s benefit. (See: How do secondary royalties work on Soltype).

  2. To unlock the content of your collectible. While everybody is able to see the cover art of your collectible, only its true owner can decrypt its content and read it. So for the same reason you'd buy a book at your favourite bookstore, you'd buy an eBook NFT at your favourite eBook NFT storefront.

  3. To support the writer. Making a living with writing is hard, and a fantastic way to show support to your favourite writer is minting one of her eBooks NFTs. Why is this better than buying it through a publisher? Because while the publisher takes the majority of the revenues, with Soltype, 100% of your payment goes directly to the author's pocket!

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