Does it cost anything to use Soltype?

Soltype does not charge fees to mint, read, buy or sell collectibles on our platform.

Yet we rely on the Solana blockchain to manage all the activity on Soltype. When you mint, buy, or sell on our platform, these actions are recorded on the Solana blockchain. The cost to record the data of these actions is called a transaction fee. Luckily, a typical transaction fee is very low: between USD 0.01 and USD 0.30.

The actions that incur transaction fees:

  • Minting

  • Buying

  • Selling

Transaction fees will be automatically deducted from your wallet when you perform any of these actions. You will be asked to approve the transaction before it goes through, and the transaction amount will be shown before you approve. Make sure you have enough SOL in your wallet to pay the transaction fee; otherwise, the action will not be approved.

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