How do I mint and read eBooks NFTs on Soltype?

Before purchasing written works on Soltype, ensure you've completed the steps to get started on Soltype. You are free to proceed if you've already completed those steps!

Go to the collection of your interest. If the UI shows a Mint button, as well as a number greater than 0 of items available, it means you still have chances of buying one eBook of the corresponding collection.

Some of the collections may require you to be whitelisted to mint one of their items. If this is unclear to you, reach out to our Discord and ask for information in the support channel.

Click on mint, approve the wallet request, and in no time a success message will appear indicating you that your new collectible is now living in your Phantom wallet! 🤯

To read your new acquisition, go to your library, and your new collectible should appear underneath your profile picture. Click on it. Our site will recognize you are the legitimate owner of the item, and will therefore decrypt its content for you to read!

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