How to get started on Soltype

You only need to do two things to get started with Soltype:

  1. A Phantom wallet (aka a digital wallet).

  2. Solana cryptocurrency.

If what's listed above sounds utterly foreign to you, don't worry! We were newbies, too, not too long ago.

Going through these steps is easier than it may appear. So grab some tea, get comfy, and we'll get you up and running in 10 minutes.

Step 1: Create your phantom wallet

Let's set up your digital wallet - a Phantom wallet! Go to


A Phantom wallet lets you securely receive and send money for every transaction on Soltype. Your Phantom wallet is also where all your purchases (e.g., written works from Soltype) are stored. See it as a place where, independently of Soltype, you keep your purchases stored and transactions listed.

All money going in and out of your Phantom wallet will be as a cryptocurrency called SOL. Soon, you will be able to use traditional currencies - until then, SOL is gold.


Watch our guided video tutorial or follow our written tutorial, which can be found directly below the video!

  • Click on this link to download the Phantom wallet as an extension on your browser. On the page that opens, click download:

  • Select your browser (for this example, we are using Google Chrome)

  • Click on “Add to Chrome” and confirm eventual popups

  • Once the extension is downloaded, open it, and click "Create New Wallet":

  • Create a password and click on continue

  • Your Phantom wallet will now produce a secret recovery phrase. This 12-word secret phase is your ultimate key back into your wallet (if you lose it you might lose everything you own in your wallet). It is for your eyes only - we are only showing it for the purpose of this example. Make sure you write your 12-word secret phrase somewhere safe.

Soltype will never ask you for your secret recovery phrase. Any party that does ask for this phrase is trying to access your wallet's funds. So DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ANYONE.

Your wallet's address is different from your 12-word secret phrase. Therefore, your wallet's address is safe to share.

  • Click 'Finish'

If you need help creating a Phantom account, or troubleshooting the download process, check out their handy FAQs here. Please note that we can't assist with issues at the Phantom account creation stage; if you need help here, please contact Phantom support.

  • Now, click on your extensions in your browser

  • Pin your wallet so you can easily access it while using Soltype!

  • It should now appear in your navigation bar like this! Congrats, you have downloaded your Phantom wallet!

  • Now go to and click on the wallet icon at the top right. Click connect and input your password to log in as a Soltype user. Approve the sign in wallet pop-up and you're ready to go!

  • Congratulations! You now have a profile on Soltype and will be attributed a random avatar image <3 Click on your avatar, then on Profile and go change your image and details to what you like most!

Step 2: Fund your wallet

We use the cryptocurrency called SOL for all transactions on Soltype! This is the type of cryptocurrency you need to fund your wallet with.


To buy written works on Soltype!

You will also always need a bit of SOL (short for Solana) in your wallet to sell your collected pieces. That's because of a thing called transaction fees. When you mint, buy, or sell on our platform, these actions are recorded on the Solana blockchain. The cost to record the data of these actions is called a transaction fee.

Transaction fees are very low, usually between USD 0.01 and USD 0.87.


Watch our guided video tutorial or follow our written tutorial, which can be found directly below the video!

To buy SOL, you must visit a Centralized Exchange (CEX) which will allow you to exchange traditional currency for SOL. We suggest you use Coinbase. They have a great guide (link here) on creating an account if you need assistance.

  • Now that you have created your account visit your Coinbase homepage and click on Buy/Sell

  • Select the amount of Solana you want to purchase (make sure to choose Solana amongst all available cryptocurrencies). Then click on “Preview Buy”

If you only plan on publishing your works with Soltype and not purchasing any, you only need a modest amount of Solana to cover the gas fees of the network (which are usually between USD 0.01 and USD 2.54 per action. See: Does it cost anything to use Soltype?

If you would like to purchase written works on Soltype, we recommend funding your wallet more. Take a look at Soltype's marketplace to get an idea of the price written works are being sold for. And don't worry - you can always return to Coinbase and purchase more SOL!

  • Click on Buy now and confirm the transaction with your bank modalities

Now that you have purchased some SOL, we need to get it into your Phantom wallet. Let's do it!

  • Open your phantom wallet and click on Deposit

  • Search, find, and click on Solana

  • Click on Copy

  • Now go back to Coinbase, and click on Send/Receive

  • Now, click on “Send all” or decide your amount. Then, paste your Phantom wallet address that you copied in step 8 into the “to” input field. Click on Continue

  • Click on “Send now”

  • You should now receive a success message like this

  • Congratulations. If this is your first time doing this, you can now say you're full into crypto!

  • If you open your Phantom wallet now, you will see that you have some SOL!

Now you have all you need to mint, read, create a profile, and trade on Soltype - enjoy!

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