How much money can a writer make with Soltype?
There are two revenue streams when you publish with Soltype:

In the current version of our platform, only the first revenue stream is live. The second revenue stream is coming soon.

Once the second revenue stream is live, these will be the key things to keep in mind when calculating how much money you will make with your written work:
  • You must pay 1 SOL into a promotion pool (See: How does Soltype help writers reach new readers)
  • You will receive 100% of the profits from your first sale
  • You will receive your royalty % on every sale after your first sale
  • You will receive 30% of the total tips from your first 100 tippers
  • You will receive 60% of all tips after the first 100 tips
We know it’s a lot to keep track of. But we promise we’re not making this complicated just for fun! It’s to allow us to help you find more readers with ease! See: How does Soltype help writers reach new readers?
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Revenue stream 1: Profit from your first sale and royalties from each secondary sale of your written work.
Revenue stream 2: 30% of the first 100 tips given by readers, 60% of every tip after that (See: Why would a reader tip?)
Calculating your revenue: