I'm an artist, not a writer. How can I use Soltype?
We think art and writing make a pretty pair. That's why every written work published on Soltype is attached to cover art.
Soltype focuses on written works, and we accept all types of written work! This means you can publish so long as you have text accompanying your artwork. This text might be a poem, a novella, or an account of what inspired you to create said artwork (See: What can I decide when publishing with Soltype?).
Soon, you will also be able to collaborate with writers looking for artwork to accompany their written works! This will be made possible by Soltype's royalty splitting feature. With this feature, you and a writer will become co-creators. As a result, you will each receive payment from every sale of your work (the amount will depend on the royalty split you decide between yourselves).
If you are interested in collaborating with writers, visit the 'Collabs' chat on our Discord server.
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