What happens on a technical level when I create a Soltype?
When you create a Soltype what you are doing is:
  • Using the Solana Token Program to make a mint that has only 1 token
  • Add metadata to the token (on solana)
  • Save a file to arweave that contains more metadata
  • Save the cover image and text (pdf, epub, etc) to arweave
  • Update the Solana metadata with links to the arweave data
(The Metaplex program coordinates all of the above)
The person who creates the Soltype owns the key that created the token and arweave data. Soltype can't do anything with that token unless the owner (of the pubkey that owns that token) signs a transaction to do something. E.g. Soltype can't auction the token. The owner needs to initiate that transaction (i.e., sign the transaction that we surface for you). What we - Soltype as a platform - can do is decide to hide a Soltype from our platform. But when we hide a Soltype (or auction, or creator), that data still exists on Solana and the owner of that data can still do whatever they want with that data via the usual Solana RPC functionality.
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